Tough It Out

Two ruggedly handsome wrestlers, both superbly muscled, highly competitive, vigorous, face off in the latest match from Movimus, and it is a stunner. Stephon, the new guy (in green), 6'1", 191#, gives Charlie, 6', 207# (in navy and white), the fight of his life, with both men tied seven minutes before the squeaker of an ending - one of the most satisfying give and take (and grunt and groan) confrontations I have seen in a long time. Charlie and Stephon grow plenty of respect for each other over the 25-minute video, and I, for one, want a rematch.

This is Charlie's third match for Movimus. In April, he impressed me with his instincts for causing Julius Parker a great deal of pain and frustration in a fight that demands another five or six viewings, I think, especially in light of the intensity generated in this battle. Charlie and Stephon stay gloriously entangled in each other's limbs for a good (no, great) 90 percent of the match. It's a struggle that's all muscle and willpower; at various points the two wrestlers pull through "nasty chokes" (Movimus's words) that would have decided most other contests. It's the kind of showdown that brings the word epic  to mind. I love to watch big, solidly built athletes grapple - especially if, like these two, they are 100 percent there  for it. Kudos to Michaels, Epps, and Movimus!

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  1. I must say that by looking at screencaps of Movimus wrestling, it doesn't look like they're fighting lol.


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