Who Is That Masked Man? Chapter 2

Silver Eagle vs Dr. Magnificent, Masked Mayhem 13 (BG East)

If you can't guess Dr. Magnificent's alter ego, I cannot help you. The guy has quite possibly THE most recognizable torso in underground wrestling, though the mask has the beneficial effect of making me adore those pecs, abs, and back muscles even more than I thought possible. He's all but ubiquitous, wrestling for over seven years with at least three top-tier promotions regularly featured on this blog (and oh so many others), handily jumping from heel roles to babyface as he pleases. In Masked Mayhem 13  he's a bad guy, and I got to name him.

BG East occasionally asks me to name new wrestlers ("new" in quotes, in this case) but only rarely goes with my recommendations. I veer from banal names that (to my surprise) already belong to real people  - Jeremy Herb, for an example - to the frothily camp - say, Evil Murray Saint. My guess is that "Dr. Magnificent" passed muster only because the BGE crew was tired of hearing me whine. I'll take that as a triumph.

Magnificent's adversary is Silver Eagle, returning to the mat room after stripping Yorik (alas) of his mask in MM10. He's significantly hairier than he was back then, but he's still a good guy who knows how to trounce a seemingly undefeatable villain (a rare sight at BG East - good guys who win, that is, extremely rare). As some of you know, I'm old-fashioned enough to enjoy a good-vs-evil match in an age of good-AND-evil gimmicks. This one is fun and over the top. Dr. M challenges Eagle to multiple tests of strength, only to be roundly defeated each time. Magnificent, a true villain, retaliates with a low blow, which he follows up with an array of punishments, designed to humiliate and destroy our noble protagonist.

As villains will do, Magnificent pushes his luck too far. He tries to strip the mask off Silver Eagle's face - the gravest of all insults in masked wrestling. Oh no you don't!  Eagle turns the tables on Magnificent and gives him a truly magnificent thrashing. The comeuppance is swift and sweet, the way I like it. Eagle knocks Magnificent down a peg or two, but, wait, there's more! I love this storyline, and the wrestlers perform it thrillingly. But I will leave further details of the match for you to discover for yourself.

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