4th of Pretty in Pain

Here's your fireworks, America! Kamuros, strobes, chrysanthemums, and comets all take human form in these torturous, incendiary after-effects of extreme body contact in the squared circle. There aren't oohs and aahs enough for the internal pyrotechnics that a boot, closed fist, or body slam delivers. Here are some tasty samples of what I'm talking about in a followup to the original Pretty in Pain, the second, and the third. Today's the fourth, of course. I include a touch of patriotic gore, just for fun.

Joey O'Riley (vs Zakk Sawyer)

"Caveman" Chad Flowers (vs Brandon Scott)

Ricky South (vs Michael Spencer)

Tanner Hill (vs Dash Decker)

Nate Wings (vs Atticus Cogar)

Oliver John (vs Dave Dutra)

Clayton Gainz (vs Daniel Eads)

Travis "Flip" Gordon (vs Brian Cage)

Buddy Justice (vs Rocky Rojo)

Sammy Guevara (vs Scorpio Sky)

Kota Ibushi (vs Zack Sabre Jr.)

Ashton Vuitton (vs "TKO" Cody Smith)

Bobby Lashley (vs Rob Terry)

Bill Pearl (vs Greg Valentine)

Greg Valentine (vs Bill Pearl)

Will Ospreay (vs Matt Riddle)

Liam Slater (vs Tyler Bate)

Tyler Bate (vs Liam Slater)

Stevie Shields (vs Syler Andrews)

Vapor (vs Zeus)

Justin Adams (vs Jason Carrion) 

Matt Taven (vs Will Ospreay)

Kenny Williams (vs Dave Mastiff)

Drew Donovan (vs Jessy Sorensen)

Jessy Sorensen (vs Drew Donovan)

Zip Zarella (vs Elite Eliot)

Chris Lexxus (vs Dell Tucker)

Tracer X (vs Mason Myles)

Mason Myles (vs Zachary Wentz)

Matt DeWar (vs Alex Bernadino)

KENTA (vs Yuji Nagata)

Hunter Young (vs Sean Legacy)

Steven Tresario (vs Marcus Cary Lewis)

Bobby Flaco of The Rednexicans (vs Josh Storm of Dem West GA Boyz)

Steve Simpson (vs Buzz Sawyer)


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