I downloaded this 2017 video because I think W4H new meat Xander is hot, as are his tormentors Elite Eliot and Joey Nux, about whom I've written previously. I love the way Xander's muscle contrasts with his vulnerability in his present situation. I love the black bag over his head at the initiation's start and finish. I'm often a sucker for symmetry. Plus the bag has associations with both childhood play and gangland execution - the opposites lending the scenario a fleeting moment of ice-cold disquiet.

Despite the wrestling ring setting, this is not a wrestling match. A hazing is like wrestling in that both involve a lot of manhandling, often in minimal attire. But this is a rite of passage, not a competition. The victim is complicit in his humiliation. He accepts and invites it as a necessary part of belonging to a society he wishes to join. Eliot's and Joey's trunks suggest a vaguely military context. The online description of Xander, 6'1", 220#, alludes to a military background. Xander's role here is one part grunt, one part sacrificial lamb, one part sex toy, one part object of worship.

I suspect the 2016 movie Goat  is at least a partial inspiration for this video. The video's better than the movie, though. The movie had some cute boys in it, but nothing like the mouthwatering man-meat of Xander or Nux. And I'd take Eliot over Nick Jonas any day (though I'd take both together, if they were available as a set). Xander's presentation of himself as an object - of Eliot and Joey's mistreatment and of my and other viewers' gaze - is sexy all on its own, though maybe not quite as sexy as a fighter's stance. I hope Cameron at Wrestler4Hire intends to book Xander in singles competition against Joey Nux soon, possibly after throwing him Punk Eliot as livebait.

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