Jessie Lee vs Jessie Zane, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Jessie Lee's cock is the axis on which this match spins. It commands attention, first outlined against the front of tiger-print trunks, then semi-visible in a diaphanous pouch, later free to wag as free and unhindered as the wind. Jesse Zane is obsessed with it, and who can blame him? MuscleBoy constructs the entire match around it. Zane's own cock makes a guest appearance later in the video, but it's Lee's staff that gets the closeups. There's some wrestling here - or so I'm informed - but the view is largely obstructed by Jessie's beautiful boner. The wait for the money shot is mercifully brief. 

The tussle and thrust are not much more than excuses to show off Jessie's meat. There's a sense of a contest of sorts. There are recognizable holds, to be sure. Zane, one of the underground masters of extempore wrestling, is in control even in the fleeting moments when he appears not to be. His facial expressions range from stonily professional, for most of the 40 minutes, to hard-driving lust, during which we also occasionally glimpse his sweetness and unaffected babe-ness. Jessie  Lee is an amiable jobber. He seems to enjoy giving up control to Zane, who manhandles him with care and close attention. Sweat becomes a forceful element in the video's final 10 minutes, adding a glaze to the entangled and often transfixed bodies.

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  1. Good match. Jesse Zane is always my favorite here on this wrestling venue. Like an erotic match with him myself. Wish they would wrestle more aggressively before getting to the erotic action, which we all like. MuscleBoy Wrestling has cornered the market on erotic wrestling.


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