Pleasure and Pain

Gabriel Cross vs Sean Maygers, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

In its latest catalog, MuscleBoy continues to explore the famously fine line between pleasure and pain. The context here, as always at MBW (and at R@SI), is wrestling, male-to-male bonding, and homosexual desire. I have called this "hard romance," and Cross vs Maygers carries the theme further ... and deeper than ever before. Its pendulum swing between chuckles and whimpers - with the occasional interruption of a spine-buckling piledriver - is made more natural by the instincts and emotions of both wrestlers, but especially (I'd say) Gabriel's.

Gabriel contributes greatly and enthusiastically to his own conquest. The bottom is always in control in these rites, and Gabriel bottoms with joy and self-assured mastery. Sean, too, enjoys himself, seemingly mesmerized by Gabriel's physical beauty and high spirits, but he follows Cross's cues meticulously. Sometimes Gabriel directs the action by showing off his muscle and prowess, putting Sean in a temporary bind as a reminder that, though "jobbing" technically, Cross still has the power and nuts to command as he pleases. At other times, Gabriel coaxes, teasing (or daring) his bigger, hairier opponent into retaliating.

Sean embodies the role of master - mature, hung, generously inked, with a sea-captain's tan, old-school mustache, and high and tight haircut. He grapples the way he makes love - with butch authority. This is his first MBW video, and he's supremely wrestleable, which is to say supremely fuckable, too. I don't think I've seen Gabriel this debased - i.e. pleasured - in previous matches. Evidently Sean is the right man for the jobber!

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