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Ref Trevor vs Austin Tyler, Match 607 (UCW)

This soon-to-be-released match follows up on the events of Match 603, which ended with Axel threatening to strip the stripes off Ref Trevor's back because of Trev's far from impartial refereeing, which brought the tag team battle to a messy and unsporting end. Furthermore, Axel informed Trevor that he must soon face him in singles competition for retribution ... and face Axel's partner, Austin, as well. Match 607 is the promised face-off. The second one, anyway.

Trevor here seems remarkably unfazed by his punishment. If anything, he looks ready and eager to wrestle Austin, and from the beginning it's clear that Trevor is capable of churning out a victory in this his first UCW contest. The guy's in great shape. The gleam in his eye indicates that he has a taste for brawling, especially with golden-boy types like Tyler. He is something of a revelation in 607, exactly the kind of high-end low-blow scrapper that UCW has been phenomenally effective in attracting to its ranks. Quite honestly, I think Trevor is sexy as fuck and dirty.

He shows his stuff right from the start. There's more give and take than I expected, and within the first two minutes Trevor shows far more interest in hurting, maybe even permanently maiming Austin than in simply beating him fair and square. To his credit, Austin stoically withstands a lot of pain throughout the 27-minute fight, and when the opportunity presents itself, he proves fully capable - as, of course, I already knew - of turning this hard-style game against his opponent.

The personality types are in brilliant contrast here. Austin's quiet professionalism is pitted against Trevor's berserker style of combat. UCW has never so clearly delineated the line between good and evil. Given the tone of the event, it would not have been out of place to have Austin enter in halo and angel wings and Trevor, in horns and cloven hooves. Trevor is a mix of bombast, swagger, and meanness, similar in many ways to Derrick Cole and Quinn Harper, either of whom would make a great adversary (or tag partner) for the guy. If Axel makes good on his threat - and I have no reason to doubt that he will - we can expect him and Trevor to square off in the near future. The boy has the devil in him, I'll say that much for him.

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