Swept Off His Feet

Jesse Zane vs Ryan Sparks, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Ryan and Jesse exude unexpected chemistry in a match that switches gears about halfway through. This is sex as degradation - or degradation as sex - I can't be sure which - either way it's a hot, throbbing mouthful as played by Jesse, the always dependable, and Ryan, reaching a highly anticipated career high. Nowhere do I get macho posturing, sweat, AND mind-scorching lust in as generous portions as MuscleBoy unfailingly provides.

The high points are many - including a slow reveal as Jesse peels the stars-and-stripes trunks off the blond stud's white cannonball buns and, later, a headscissors in which, stroke by stroke, Jesse has a closeup  vantage of Sparks's hard pink cock while dreamily pump-loading his own piece down below. The wrestlers take turns working each other in a string of convincing reversals of fortune. The struggle has multiple goals on both sides, goals that can be summed up as the simultaneous urge to command, violate, and humble the opposition. 

Jesse's quick cunning is in sharp contrast to Ryan's baleful manhandling, yet the differing styles bridge the 65-pound and 6-inch gulf between the two toned bodies, lending the give and take an air of authenticity. Both wrestlers are at ease in front of the camera, apparently lost in maneuvering in and around the ridges and channels of each other's supple physique. I've never seen Ryan Sparks better than he is here, and his chemistry with Jesse Zane is natural and compelling. This is a sex-charged battle that does not stint on the aggression.

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