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Guido Genatto vs Cal Bennett, Gut Bash (Wrestler4Hire)

Guido is as much an icon of brute force as Cal is an icon of masculine beauty. It's perfect that Wrestler4Hire would bring the two together in a wrestling ring even if Fate has already dictated the outcome. The 2017 match is a gut bash, itself an iconic rite of man-for-man lust, but unlike many gut bashes, this is not a flat repetition of gestures and responses, but rather, thanks to Genatto's ingenuity and versatility as a pro wrestler, a more fully realized combat drama than I expected.

W4H's online description of the match presents the outcome as a foregone conclusion. Seriously, how could it turn out any differently than it does? Since Cal is presented as "the new guy," I assume this was one of his earliest matches for the company, perhaps his first. In a brief opener, Guido derides Cal, who's "a fucking model" and "not even a wrestler." Cal, in turn, seals his fate, boasting, "Look at me. I'm the pretty face. I got the body. I'm taking these guys down." That smoky baritone, though, almost as arousing as his face and torso. It almost makes me wish his promise were true.

Guido puts the guy through the wringer for 19 minutes - a full roster of nelsons, clutches, figure-fours, snap mares, claw holds, and corner pugilism. Cal hasn't a prayer. Guido leaves his hand and heel prints all over the model's ivory flesh. The match has the air of a human sacrifice with Guido playing the Minotaur ready to gorge himself on one of the more comely Athenian youths. Thrilling, though predictable, the no-contest contest is a must-see. In very different ways, Cal and Guido are two of the best things to happen to underground wrestling in the past four years.

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  1. Hi, Joe. Like you, I highly recommend this match. Guido is great as usual and Cal suffers beautifully. I also review this match on my blog: wrsscreencaps.blogspot.com. Everyone's welcome to check it out.


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