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Chase Lundquist vs Rex Bedford, King of the Ring 5 (88Wrestling)

As long as 88Wrestling keeps Rex and Chase on the roster, I will count myself a fan. On the bases of  looks and sweat alone, Bedford and Lundquist are gold. If 88 is smart, there's an exclusivity clause in these wrestlers' contracts. Let them wear masks and unitards at other promotions, if they want,  but at all costs keep these faces and shiny physiques in the 88 ring. Although I think wrestlers at multiple sites can stimulate change and versatility, it's still in a promotion's best interest to keep its hottest attractions at home. Lately, the cross-pollination in underground wrestling does not exhibit the sort of ingenuity I saw, say, five or six years ago. Some talents need to stay put for a while for the sake of each promotion's creative core. 

These two have never fought or looked better. In this match, Chase convinces me he's a tough guy, and by the match's midpoint it looks like Rex's hold on the championship belt is truly in peril. As much as I like Rex, I could almost accept the belt passing on to Lundquist now. That's not an easy call for me to make because Rex has been the most exciting and grittiest battler on the 88 roster. In KOTR5, though, I see a side of Chase I had not seen previously - a knack for brutality.  (Besides, if underground wrestling had a prize for best treasure trail, I'd nominate Lundquist's.)

Still, Rex is dynamite and has been dynamite since he first stepped into the 88 ring. He's so good that his occasional glances up into the camera lens, breaking the proverbial fourth wall, I now find engaging, whereas I used to find them amateurish. To the contrary, though, looking right into the camera as you snap your opponent's spine is boner magic. And, oh my god, the sweat! By the video's midpoint, Rex and Chase both look like hood ornaments. The match is not without its glitches - the lighting, for instance (or else my eyesight is going) - but it was well worth the money I paid for the download. My balls and I will definitely give this one a second and third viewing.

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  1. For all your praise of Lindqvist, you show only 2 GIFs, of which only the second is really hot.

  2. Whoops! I should have said 3 and first,last. Still, I'm greedy for more.

  3. Great review -- you beat me to it! I am working on a recap myself to be posted in the near future on Wrestling Arsenal -- probably early next week depending on whether I can ever get thru the entire darn match without getting off. The guys look GREAT - never better. Their choices of skimpy underwear are remarkable for 88W (which normally features square cut shorts that I don't love.) And you didn't mention the spectacular verbal game -- especially Chase as he "aahhs!" and "ughs" and "oh nos" his way thru the beating. So I will be sure to blog about that and try to capture some different match moments so that we aren't totally duplication each other.

  4. Hmm. I guess I viewed a Different match than everyone else viewed. I love Both wrestlers, have seen great action from both wrestlers in other matches and agree they sweat Very well, but, Also thought this was one of the lazier matches Each guy has produced to date. In my opinion I dont think either guy put much effort or generated excitement into match with a pretty basic And repeated repertoire of holds - especially for what is billed as a KOTR match. In addition to the lighting issues, I found the action/holds sloppily applied, with multiple 'missed' impact attempts, overselling a bit too exaggerated from both wrestlers, and attempts at back/forth action just seemed offpaced throughout. And. c'mon.. a simple body slam/splash/3count for the final submission? In a KOTR match? Look at Rex's prior KOTR vs Dash Decker for a hot & hectic example of a better sold rough & tumble match. Took me the last 2 nites to get thru this match, but, it was because I switched it off from boredom vs any 'excitement' before I could finish the match. Only my opinion, and, I must say, I usually find your reviews spot-on otherwise. Thanks, and Keep posting !


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