Fifty Matches That Made 2020 Their Bitch

Here are my favorite underground matches of 2020. Whatever else it was, it was a terrific year for mat matches. On that one count, it was kind of a perfect year. 

The matches below are my favorites for several reasons - aggro-eroticism, well-matched opponents, expressive camerawork, hard bodies, and colorful sells. There's nothing scientific about my process in making a list like this one.  It's 100-percent subjective.  I feel lucky that there are so many promotions producing high quality wrestling. Each has strengths and trademark styles that distinquish it from the rest. Each has a unique roster even though some lucky wrestlers work for more than one company.

I created the list purely for my own amusement - far better than jotting down 2021 resolutions I won't fulfill (I am a realist and know my limitations). Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section. Happy New Year! I mean really  happy and good all on its own merits, not just in contrast to the crapper that was 2020.

Stay warm. Celebrate. Wrestle somebody.


  1. Truly an impressive list!
    Here’s to another year at Skull Island!

  2. 4 entries by my crush - Zack Reno! yaaaas!


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