None Better

Nobody's cockier, crueler, or quicker than Kid Karisma. None better on the mat or in the ring, and he never looks better than when he's got hair on his chest and a two-day growth to define his jaw. I like his abs and ass, of course, like everyone. (I'm not blind.) But I'm a shoulders and thighs man myself. And his make me say, Ouch!

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  1. I've grown to appreciate Kid Karisma. Early in his career, I thought there was too much swagger for the sake of swagger to him. That sounds like a good thing, but it seemed more that the other wrestler was holding back (or, more specifically, was told to hold back) rather than Kid K taking over. The matches where Kid K was most mouthy, even contemptuous en route to "victory," screamed that the other guy was more skilled technically (Jake Jenkins), or certainly bigger and obviously stronger (Z-man, Austin Cooper, Rio Garza). But that's his charm.

    Kid K is a throwback to the true classic heel. Classic pro was all about the good guy/bad guy dynamic: one wrestler was the sort of guy who'd poke the other guy in the eye or jump him from behind and the other wasn't. The good guy was always technically "better," the dramatic tension coming from whether he'd get to show that or the heel would break the rules and get away with it. And on the occasion they did get away with it, they acted like they had it in the bag all along.

    An interview Kid K did with Sidelineland changed it for me. In it he referenced his match with Garza and dismissed him with the statement, "Who taught him to wrestle?" It pissed me off as a huge Rio fan, the seeming breaking of kayfabe to deride a guy who did exactly what he was told to do for no reason. Then I realized, Kid K wasn't breaking the fantasy, he was working it. The match itself was hardly a squash. In fact, like a tennis match that goes 0-6, 7-6, 7-6, the "loser" won more games than the winner. When Kid K brought that match up over a year after it came out to brag about his abilities, particularly when there wasn't a Rio interview to balance it, Kid K wasn't blowing him off, he was being a dick, a braggart, a reality redefining asshole. And that's the definition of a real heel.

    Every pro wrestler knows it's impossible to pull off the "I'm the greatest" angle: you have to surpass what every other wrestler is doing everywhere else. But if you can tap into some emotional trigger, piss off your opponents' fans while making your own care about you, you'll always be in demand. Like Gorgeous George taught Muhammed Ali, fans love to hate as much as they love to love. In that vein, I can say, I love to hate Kid K. And that's real talent.


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