At Rock Hard Wrestling, Josh Steel is packing pounds of new muscle. I've been in the 5'11" surfer's corner since Day One, and I can't say I ever noticed much need for improvement. He's showing off his newly jacked biceps and pecs in his latest match, against new boy Alex Waters, and based solely on the promo photos, I'd say the improvements are real and substantive.  Rock Hard is comparing him to the young Kevin Von Erich, and appearance-wise I think they nailed it. And based on the promotional copy, Josh may be packing on some of KVE's ring savvy too, adding new wrestling holds to his repertoire and taking the fight to his opponent.


  1. I can't explain why I find it so arousing when they show their wrestlers strip off from their jackets/gear before the match. I know it happened in other Rock Hard matches too, but in this one it really blew my mind! I'm about to print and frame that first still shot!

    Josh has really grow on me over his last matches and this one I found to be pretty good.

    Nice job Rock Hard!


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