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I want Braden Charron and Chace LaChance to come to my house to live, but based on their match on BG East's Summer Sizzlers 4+ I think my side of the tobacco-shack duplex I live in may not be big enough for the two of them. 

That's too bad because I'd like to have them both, as a pair, like salt-and-pepper shakers. For me, their appeal, separate or together, boils down to two words: hard cock.  They move me on a visceral level. Chace's perfect iliac furrow triggers my salivary glands, and Braden's wrought-iron shoulders melt my kneecaps, every time I see them. 

But, on top of their pictorial value, Chace, 5'9", 185#, and Braden, 5'8", 185#, also wrestle. And the prospect of watching these two bump heads would by itself sell me on SS4, even if it didn't boast other names from BGE's A-list: Joah Bindao, Eli Black, Mitch Colby, Morgan Cruise, Lon Dumont, Attila Dynasty, Joshua Goodman, Paul Hudson, Cameron Matthews, Ray Naylor, Aryx Quinn, Dylon Roberts, Christian Taylor, and Skip Vance. (This is not a wrestling card ... it's a pantheon.)

The setup is deceptively innocent. Braden coaches Chace in some quarter-turn poses for an upcoming physique contest. As a mentor Braden is supportive and encouraging, and Chace is a respectful and receptive student. Braden notes that Chace is shaping up as a competition-level bodybuilder. Chace modestly points out how much thicker and solider Braden's physique is. 

Then, without thinking, Chace claims that, while Braden has the advantage in size, it's he who has the greater strength. An impromptu arm-wrestling contest seems at first to support Chace's point. 

But to avoid being one-upped in a one-armed contest, Braden turns vicious. He stomps down on Chace's unguarded back and says it's time they open up the contest and make use of the whole ring. And, in fact, it's in the larger arena of the squared circle that Braden shows his dominance.

You could say there are better wrestlers at BG East, more massively built brutes too, perhaps even prettier ones, but Braden and Chace have become two of my favorites, just in the last year. I lagged behind most fans in my appreciation of Charron, who actually caught my eye first perhaps two years ago and then caught my imagination about eight months ago at another wrestling company. Chace intrigued me from the first, his faun-like face mostly, but it wasn't until he packed on an extra twenty pounds of muscle that I wanted to watch him wrestle. For now, Charron and Chace trigger something in me that goes past my powers of description and analysis. Mention either name, and, for some reason, you've got my attention. Put both of them together, in a wrestling ring, barefoot in colorful tee-tiny trunks, and I am enthralled.


  1. Things that make you go MMMMMM!

  2. Since this looks like the hottest match in forEVer, it's a little annoying that it's the "bonus" match, instead of one of the matches available individually. BUT, realistically speaking, I can see how that was a smart move...


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