How do they do it? Online wrestling companies keep finding tough, young wrestling talent to excite my imagination. It used to be--and not too long ago either--that a new sensation would hit the underground wrestling scene every year or two--two sensations in a single year, if we were very lucky. Now every month hatches one or two interesting new faces who like to play rough. Rock Hard Wrestling has brought us more than its fair share of alluring roughnecks, many of whom cross-pollinated with other wrestling companies of renown. I haven't seen his debut yet, but in his promo pictures Kyle Carter, 5'11", 170#, RHW's latest find, has the winning combination of rock hardness that the company has built its name on and the sunbaked, deadpan good health that's thrilled old guys like me since Jeff Aquilon first stretched his tan languid torso in front of Bruce Weber's Rolleiflex thirty-five years ago. We live in a golden age, gentlemen.


  1. he also looks very similar to Mikey from UIW, i believe they are one in the same :)


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