Wow, Just Wow

Even if it's too early to call it the best match of the year, one clear contender from the moment the card was announced is Ricochet's challenge to Prince Devitt's title at New Japan Pro Wrestling's Best of the Super Juniors XX last Thursday. Newly minted heel Prince Devitt, 5'11", 180#, met perhaps his perfect match in Ricochet, 5'10", 180#. Watch the back muscles flex, Devitt's jacket light up like a landing strip, Ricochet put the champ in the crosshairs, the wrestlers walk on air, it seems, and Devitt's dastardly cohorts stick their noses where they clearly don't belong, all here! Pure heaven as far as I'm concerned. How is it that US and UK wrestlers are at their best in Japan? Is it the Japanese fans? or the promotions? or maybe exposure to radioactive Godzilla jizz?


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