Yesterday BG East sent out some photos of the company's awards presentation, the followup to the announcements made earlier this year. Here we see The Boss (Kid Leopard) handing out medals to two of the year's winners. Wrestling fans voted on the awards in January, honoring the best and toughest of BG East's 2012 video releases. The awards and the ceremony will, I hope, be a regular part of BGE tradition in the coming years.

Nominated in six categories, Austin Cooper won in two: Best Spotlight Release of 2012 and Best Ring Match of 2012 (for Babyface Brawl 2, in which he and Cameron Matthews had fans clutching their dicks from beginning to end). Those arms and thighs deserve at least an honorable mention too. In the last year Coop has blossomed as a ring performer. As babyface or heel, single or part of a team, Austin never fails somehow to touch some small part of me and make it larger.

Kid Karisma, nominated in three categories, won for Best Butt of 2012 in a tight race, beating out competition like Cameron, Austin, Darius, and Lon Dumont. If his glutes are worthy of high honors, his whole backside from shoulders to heels should be declared a national treasure. Hot tempered, strong, and sexually aggressive, on top of looking like a million bucks, Kid K is fearless on the mat and in the ring. He can't be matched for balls. Whatever Karisma puts out there for us fans, I want it. 

I can't think of two more deserving guys for high honors in the field of wrestling. We should all look up to men like these.  Damn I just want to put my hands all over that. Hearty congratulations to both these fine athletes and best wishes for another outstanding year in wrestling.


  1. Kid Karisma's ass can now be officially referred to as "award winning." Looking at those pictures how can it be denied?


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