The School of Hard Knots

I divulged the premise of UCW-Wrestling's Independence Day special a couple of weeks ago. In the video to be released today, Nick Diesel wants out of his "exclusive contract" with UCW, and Bodyslam appoints Eli Black as a proxy to fight on behalf of the company. If Nick wins, he's free to walk away. If Eli wins, Nick stays trapped by his ironclad contract. As I said shortly after watching the fight live, it's as "raw, violent, and savage as any I have seen." Apart from its holiday theme and colorful display of American patriotism, this is one of the darkest  and most intriguing matches UCW has released.

Its visceral heat stems from the two fighters--Diesel and his kinky fascination with rope bondage and life-and-death struggle (and bear in mind that in my house "kinky fascination" is a thing of substance and value), and Black with his training and expertise in martial arts and instincts for taking everything he does to the limits ... and beyond. 

The violence of Diesel-versus-Black packs a lot of erotic energy. Nothing overt, just some ball-grabbing and glimpses of butt crack. I'm reminded of something I read over a decade ago about the appeal of action movies for American teenagers, boys mostly. The article (by Richard Dyer, if I remember correctly) suggested that, given Hollywood's distinctive blend of sexual obsession and erotophobia, the explosions and rapid editing in summer movies may be symbolically orgasmic. The abundance of exploding trains, cars, and airplanes and collapsing buildings (major motifs in the movies well before 9-11-2001) is simply the other side of the prohibitions against depicting (or even talking much about) male ejaculation. Thus, massive onscreen explosions arise indirectly from society's failure to adequatedly address the more everyday explosions that happen in a 15-year-old's cotton briefs. Suspense, mounting tension, and climax, indeed! It's an interesting thesis, one that fits well with Freudian ideas about the symbolism of dreams and the links between sex and violence.

Whatever psychoanalysts may have to say by way of explanation, I can say, speaking only for myself, that the sight of Eli and Nick's skinny, sweaty, nearly bare bodies locked together in deadly embrace as they strangle each other is good for wood. It's exciting in the sense of being action packed, and exciting too in the sense of sexual stimulation. What the two kinds of excitation have in common is a subject of interest not only to psychoanalysts but also to simple, run-of-the-mill kinksters like me.

Images edited on request (17 Feb. 2014)


  1. This was the hottest match I've watched this year so far. I loved the animalistic violence, the sweat, and the moans coming from both fellas.

    1. You've said it all in a nutshell, Joey!


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