Enjoy these screen captures of UCW-Wrestling's latest release [#300]. Well matched in skill and ferocity, Eli Black and Quinn Harper would inevitably collide, and the collision would be inevitably epic.

Initiating the contest at the same instant, both wrestlers lunge for a sneak attack. They pull back wincing as if they had just run smack into their reflections in a mirror. Quinn's bigger. Eli's more ripped (as he puts it, at 100%, down from his usual 120%). But the physical differences are unimportant in the face of the two men's immense egos and boundless inventiveness in the arts of pain and punishment.

Within minutes of the startup, Quinn twists Eli up like a pipe-cleaner. Then the tables turn, and Eli fires back, leaving Quinn moaning, half-conscious of the razor-wire whirlwind he's fallen into. The action swerves back and forth for a furious 33 minutes.

Only two hot-tempered fighters at their peaks could maintain this pace. To date, neither Quinn nor Eli has failed to make even his least promising contest into an electrifying event. And this match is beyond electric. It's seismic. And unmissable.


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