It Gets Better

In Movimus's latest download, shot just last Saturday, Case Thornton takes on Jimmy Reilly. As is usual in real submission wrestling, the action gets better--more intense, sexier--as it proceeds. Though the wear and tear is evident over time, Case and Jimmy alike seem to catch fire the further into the contest they get. The catalog description tells us that Case requested the match, knowing Jimmy outweighs him by a good bit, and, happily, that Jimmy likes wrestling lighter guys with plenty of grit and lightning-fast moves.

The fourth and fifth rounds are climactic and among the best these two combatants have thus far fought. They target throats in an attempt at quick and devastating tap-outs, but when chokes are out of the question, they settle for armbars and scissors to wring the last drop of agony out of the opponent. The mat's not big enough to contain all the energy at work here, and the two roll onto the hardwood floor to finish their business with each other. Jimmy is reliably expressive, as these shots (supplied by Movimus) demonstrate. Case is his usual cool-as-cucumber self, though the sweaty end of the match evidently turns him on as much as it does for me (a second cucumber allusion comes to mind, for some reason).

All in all, a fine addition to the Movimus collection, this match pulls us into the action and emotion of real submission wrestling.


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