I ask you, "Could an opponent of Krush have a better name than Roach?" According to Krush, the "scrappy 22 year old" has been begging for a fight for a few years. Krush has put him off all this time, thinking the kid was too lightweight for him and maybe too soft as well. The kid, however, never stopped dogging him for a match. So when Krush trimmed down to 175 pounds, he decided to give Roach (at 165#) a shot.

The results are in a new downloadable video (Krushco's first brand new release in months), coinciding with Krush's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Krush!) The new video runs for 27 minutes, with not one minute wasted. This is mat grappling with a few slaps and punches thrown in for good measure, and it's shot with high-definition clarity so there's no chance of missing a thing. (Having reached its goal for a state-of-the-art camera, right now Krushco is fundraising for a new and better wrestling mat too. Want to contribute? Go to the GoFundMe page here.)

Krush and Roach go for six falls. Early on, Krush grumbles, appreciatively, "You're not bad." Krush wins the first fall four minutes into the video, but he has to fight for it. Later he tells me Roach "was tougher than [he'd] originally anticipated." From the start, the rookie looks plenty sure of himself, and he's eager to show off what he can do (and take), which is quite a lot, as it turns out. He's persistent, too. Even when he's stuck in a worryingly precarious situation, he continues to slap, punch, and taunt Krush to egg him on even further. This guy won't skitter off when the lights come on. He sticks to Krush like Saran Wrap.

After the first fall, Roach wastes no time climbing up Krush's body and winding his legs tight around the big guy's head. I'm not sure exactly what Roach's wrestling background is, but he's got some, along with a heavy dose of pugnacity, game for just about anything, fight-wise. He goes after the bigger, more experienced wrestler without the slightest hint of shyness or reservation. Within two minutes he squeezes a pissed-off submission out of Krush. 

The next fall won't come for six more minutes, and it's a strenuous battle to the end. But it's nothing compared to the final seven minutes, with both wrestlers at their extreme, exhausted, sweating, and determined to win. If you're the type to challenge Krush to hit the mat with you, you're looking to wrestle, not just get on TV. Roach gets what he's been after these past few years, and Krush has both hands full with him. 


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