Newcomer Lance submits Krush in less than four minutes in Round 1. That's unusual, but not a first. Krush's ass has been kicked before, though rarely. Lance suggests a rope match next. That is a first ... for Krush at least. Krush accepts the challenge, and the two cuff themselves to what I estimate is six feet of doubled-up cord. 

Krush tells me he "had a blast" shooting this video. The rope adds a new layer of kink to submission wrestling. The usual angle in pro wrestling is that a rope ensures that neither of the combatants can run away. There's no question of either Lance or Krush trying to escape. But the weaponized rope can be used to draw in, to bind, and to choke. That's where the fun comes in, with shades of erotic asphyxiation and B&D.

The rope adds speed and drama, too. Something about the rope encourages the wrestlers to trade more blows. This is a bit more of a fight than typical at Krushco, which, as rough and rowdy as its matches are, usually sticks to sporting competition. But here it's not hard to imagine Krush and Lance in an episode of Sons of Anarchy, rumbling to settle an old score. The slow sweaty squeeze of textbook submission grappling gets a jolt of adrenaline, a bit of jet fuel to spike the macho grunts and groans.

Good match for the full seventeen minutes--and a promise of a rematch!


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