Back At It Again


Movimus's rematch of Aron versus Casey seems less like a rematch than a continuation of the first contest, which I reviewed in September. Reportedly it was shot the day after the original, so naturally not much changed in the wrestlers' physiques and skills sets in the interim. Obviously Aron Stokes remains the bigger of the two and the more experienced on the wrestling mat. Casey Callaghan makes the more dramatic and colorful impression, with hipster bottle-blond hair and dark beard. Casey's situation is more "dramatic" too, as he mounts a more vigorous assault on Aron in hopes of offsetting his opponent's undeniable advantages.

Describing the first match as "just foreplay," Movimus's promo proclaims that the rematch "is where the real action is."
Casey gets the first take-down and goes right for the head scissors. He gives it all he's got and Aron is moaning as he tries to escape. Casey continues to use his legs every chance he gets and Aron has trouble avoiding both the head and body scissors. It seems that Casey is doing a lot of damage with his legs. It's a real brawl and definitely great wrestling action.
No doubt Casey's best hope of winning is to use his strong thighs to wear Aron down. The rematch gives us a strong sense of the wrestlers' stamina and staying power, and it is arguably more action packed than the first. Aron and Casey are not the company's most dynamic pairing to date, with little room for surprise and not much in the way of noticeable bad blood between the two contestants. But that's not to say that these guys don't put out or that they don't use every means at their disposal to triumph in the end.

What I and other fans appreciate about the Movimus brand is its focus on real submission wrestling, the suspense and drama building from sporting combat. Even no-holds-barred wrestling has rules, which at Movimus are supported not by a ref, but by the wrestlers' own commitment to fair play and honest competition.


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