Neck and Neck

Nero Angelo vs Duke Russo

Duke Russo (5'9", 174#) doesn't mind using his muscle to cripple Nero Angelo (5'7", 156#) if he has to. Twice he pulls the guy up off the mat and blams his ass back down, a hard shock good for knocking the wind out of a man--or breaking his back.

Don't feel sorry for Nero, though. He's having a good time with the hairy muscle god in the Captain America togs. Since his debut five matches ago, Angelo has been cutting a swath for himself through the Movimus roster, busting reps and egos along the way.

Slightly taller, heavier, Duke is dead set on putting the brakes on Nero's rapid rise, but he's got his work cut out for him. This match doesn't see a single submission till the last 30 seconds of the video. Along the way we see a heated, sometimes frenzied contest. Nero hits the mat with confidence, and several times in the first half of the match he seems a half-second away from victory when all at once Duke muscles his way loose.

It's not a matter of one guy stubbornly refusing to submit while having no chance of winning. At any given minute it looks like either Duke or Nero could pull out a win. The competition is so tight that we're lucky we don't wind up with a draw. One of these guys ultimately gets his ass handed to him, to be sure, but we get there clean and fair, following a long, hard, and totally captivating fight. Russo-vs-Angelo is damn near perfect.

Grunts come fast and, by the midpoint, almost without break. Amazingly, Movimus captures this fight in one continuous shot--no edits--emphasizing both combatants' superhuman stamina. It's the most enthralling thing I've seen from Movimus in--I don't know how long--it may be the company's best match ever. Five minutes in, and I realize I'm witnessing something special--superb athleticism, two cocky and highly competitive wrestlers, and the kind of sweaty, nut-to-nut struggle I hope lasts forever.


  1. Joe you could not be more correct in your review. This match is amazing. Great, masculine wrestling, with either man plausibly the winner. I avoided the temptation to skip ahead and see who won, savoring instead the back and forth of these strong, hot hairy men. A rematch is fully warranted, and I would put money on either man to beat anyone else on the Movimus roster.

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