Julio Vargas vs Aric Park, Asian Invasion Part 2 (Movimus)

From the moment Julio Vargas (5'9", 171#) traps Aric Park (5'8", 165#) in a full nelson and then splats his face down to the mat for the first submission, I knew this was my party. This happens about a minute into the 26-minute match, which sees three more tap-outs before it's over.

The streamlined beauty of Julio's muscular physique is well showcased in the shoestring bikini he (technically) wears, a jawbreaker swirl of color. The candy colors don't fool me, however. There's nothing candy-ass about Julio, a hyper-aggressive fighter who hardly ever pauses to come up for air.

Aric, in sky blue, has a beautiful body too, though not as hard and ripped as Julio's. Brand spanking new to the Movimus lineup, he has the toughness we have come to expect of the company's roster, especially the latest lineup. He learns fast, giving Julio no opportunities to lock up both his arms again and resisting the more experienced mat master's assaults to the end.

The two are totally immersed in the struggle, dispensing with smack talk and putting their brawn and brain power 100 percent into constant give and take. As the bodies perspire, it becomes more of a challenge to grip each other's limbs, but the frustration does nothing to slow the action down.

Vargas vs Park is terrific. Movimus continues to grow on all fronts: talent, production, audio, variety, brute force, and bulge. How they do it I cannot say. The 2016 releases appear to be resolute attempts to outshine anything the company has put out in previous years.


  1. movimus variety and action packed matches have my attention
    i have an interest in asian men-particularly enjoy masculine asian men in combat. nice how Aric's skill and ability are showcased against the more muscular JV. i have a particular fetish for size comparison and skill vs
    brawn. nice match!


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