Markus vs Espinosa

I have about five Movimus wrestlers tied for first place. I haven't actually counted, but it seems that there are five ... or six. Dave is one of them, and if put on the spot to pick only one favorite, I think he'd be my pick. Few wrestlers anywhere have his grace, beauty, bravura, strength, and knowhow ... and nearly nonexistent gear. And charm. He has a charming and disarming smile, which breaks out now and then under even the most stressful circumstances. I know nothing about the guy, where he comes from, what his wrestling background is, whether Dave is really his name. I don't need to know. All that matters is his wrestling, which is, if not flawless, exuberant and hypnotizing, close enough to perfect for me.

The new guy, Dario, is actually not much bigger than Dave, though watching the match I imagine him looming over Markus. In fact, Dario is an inch shorter and only seven pounds heavier. But the meat is packed very differently in Dario, who looks more like what the word "wrestler" conjures in my imagination. The online description says that he has "little wrestling experience." I can't judge those things, but I couldn't tell it from this match, where he poses a formidable challenge to Markus, who is used to easily owning his opponents.

Two minutes before this match ends, the two wrestlers are tied 2 - 2. That's how close these two are matched in skill, determination, and endurance. The fifth and final submission seems to come out of nowhere, quite a surprise, and a thrilling one, in the closing seconds of the video. 

Either you like submission wrestling or you don't. If you like it, this contest is a must-see. I like it, and I like pro wrestling too. I can see why some other pro fans find submission wrestling boring. It offers minimal drama and demands a lot of attention over a long period of time (almost 28 minutes in this case). I find it restful to watch two men wrestling. I don't mean "restful" as in makes me sleepy, but rather "restful" as in makes me feel at peace. Yet it is intense and sexy as well, which seems like more of a contradiction than it actually is. 


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