Vargas/Markus 2

Julio Vargas vs Dave Markus, The Rematch (Movimus)

Lately I'm seeing a lot of matches pitting one fantastic guy against another. It's a trend that needs to last. Markus is an ultra-reliable competitor under all circumstances--smart, fast, resilient, handsome--but thrown against somebody like Vargas--tough, relentless, intense, sexy--Markus shines even brighter. The two wrestlers are as finely matched as I could hope for, similar in height and build, with a mere four pounds differentiating them. Somehow I missed the original match, so I have no idea what Julio and Dave are coming off of as they square up a second time, but this contest is dynamite all on its own. Each man wins at least one fall by submission, and every fall looks like a beatdown.


  1. You can always count on Movimus to produce real, intense matches. Since Dave has fought most of the top-notch wrestlers there, I'm looking forward to seeing him get owned by Duke Russo.


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