Van Skyler vs Payton Meadows, Undagear 26 (BG East)

I'm nuts for Skyler. He hasn't fared well in previous contests at BG East, but the third time, as they say, is the charm. Maybe. In the opener for Undagear 26, he goes after newcomer Payton* with more brio than he showed against Biff Farrell or Flash LaCash. This 28-minute roughhouse reminds me of boyhood fantasies, specifically one about a quiet padded chamber with just enough room for two guys to work out their aggression on each other.

Payton (5'9", 175#) wins the first fall, strips my guy down to his red thong and silently commands him, in turn, to strip Payton down to his yellow and white jockstrap. Less clothing seems to embolden Skyler (5'8", 185#), who wrenches Meadows for one sexy submission after another for the next ten minutes. Seven minutes in, his chest and abs are shiny slick with sweat, making my pants itchy.

Van has Payton in a full-on rear choke, when Payton asks, "You can't do better?" Whoa! Something's not right about that--like maybe Payton isn't choking? Meadows reaches behind him and clutches Van's privates, forcing the release and turning the momentum. As much as I want Skyler to land on top, I have to admit Payton knows how to work this compact hunk, lifting and plastering him to the wall, forearm at the crotch, coercing a submission while Van dangles like a pinned butterfly specimen.

The moves, the holds, and the quips offer nothing I haven't seen and heard a thousand times before, but these hard, luscious bodies make my mouth water. A boner-to-inner-thigh bearhug (in photo 7, above) is second only to the hot, sweaty ass-clasping hug two minutes later. In the end, somebody does the rear choke hold right and gives the loser a face full of crotch for the three-count.

* Payton debuted against Fabrice in Undagear 25. For me personally, Payton makes a bigger impression here than he did in his first match this past spring. Keep in mind, though, that my opinion on such matters is rarely based on as much knowledge as libido.


  1. Van Skyler's little (Canadian?) accent only makes him hotter! Hope to see more of him.

  2. Finally got to watch this match today. Skyler's forearms are incredible in terms of thickness and vascularity. I hope the boss has him do some arm wrestling in his next match to show off that body part.


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