Roughed Up

Nick Diesel vs Rico, Match 514 (UCW)

This 29-minute match is fairly clean, at least by UCW standards. Nick (without ropes for this match) takes on the babyface newcomer Rico, and the two stick with fair and square leg locks and arm bars, with a lot of give and take. That's not to say that Nick and Rico take it easy on each other. There's pain enough to go around, along with flashes of butt cheeks and minor humiliations, including a couple of head-scissors that give one lucky contestant a full face of crotch. The final minutes take the action a notch or two up, adding heat and fury, beginning with some desperate eye gouging to remind everybody that this is UCW, after all.

The role of wily veteran fits Nick like a glove. He goads Rico (and no doubt annoys some fans) by slighting the newcomer's name: "I couldn't think of a gayer name myself." (So speaks a guy named "Nick Diesel.") I don't know when Nick developed a John Wayne drawl, but it suits the swaggering opening banter that, thankfully, lasts only long enough to move most fans to side with the babyface. Diesel opens impressively with a legit college-wrestling-style takedown, but it's Rico who lands on top and throws a few punches to the heel's treasure trail. Diesel reverses, giving Rico a tight close-up of the villain's nuts--or rather the dark spandex covering them.

Rico is a man of few words, which is what I like in a fighting man. He has the heart and the skill set to put his stamp on UCW. Whether he is championship material remains to be seen, but like the best men on the company's roster, he has a taste for roughhouse and gamely craves tough competition--and there's no shortage of that here.


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