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Marco vs Slim, Mat Rats 76 (Thunder's Arena)

Maybe if Slim stopped talking smack, he could learn something from Marco, the king of cool at Thunder's Arena and easily the company's best and hardest worker. Come to think of it, Slim's smack-talk could use improvement, too. For instance, early on when Marco asks him how tall he is, Slim replies, "Taller than your mother." Marco chuckles and repeats, "Taller than my mother?" He pushes the 6'4" New Yorker to the mat and mounts him. He follows with the well-worn bit about what he did to Slim's mother the night before, adding, "Dug it in deep." Marco gives effective emphasis to the last two words. It's even funnier that he delivers them right as his crotch bumps Slim's skinny butt.

Slim actually has a hot body, though slender, even waifish next to Marco's stacks of hard muscle. Marco looks bored with the fight yet entertained by Slim's ineptness as competition. I hope to see Marco face some real resistance again soon, but that's not to say I don't enjoy this video, which runs just shy of 20 minutes. I like a one-sided match from time to time, especially when the guy doing the heavy work is, like Marco, easygoing and entertaining, even while making short work of his victim. Slim's mistake is that he plays his part too coolly at first, creating the impression that he thinks he's somehow better than this "fight." He improves as the match proceeds, either because he develops a knack for selling Marco's moves or because Marco starts cranking them up enough to make Slim's grimaces real, not just realistic.

So far Slim has been tossed up against two bodybuilders (Marco and Ludwig). I'll be interested in seeing what he can do against someone in his weight class like, for instance, Logan. But if the catalog stats are still accurate, Marco IS in Slim's weight class, outweighing him by just five pounds, though with a lower center of gravity, being 5'8". There are few guys on the roster that Marco can't make short work of. Slim has the looks to be a fan favorite; I'm waiting to see how well he handles an even match.


  1. Know what you mean about Slim. Would be interesting to see how he does in a wrestling match against Logan or another wrestler his size. He gets his ass kicked taking on muscle studs Marco and Ludwig.
    A lot of wrestling fans get into the 'squash jobs" of one-sided wrestling bouts. For myself, I like two evenly matched alpha muscle studs going at it. I want to be surprised by the outcome and not anticipating a one-sided beat-down of some slender grappler by a powerful muscle stud. I'd put the beefy muscle studs in one bout, and let the slim-built wrestles battle in their own weight division.
    Having said that, Marco is one hot muscle stud, and Slim is one sexy wrestler.


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