Another World of Hurt

Eli Black vs Austin Tyler, Match 530 (UCW)

A rematch of the two dynamic antagonists of January's Match 513, UCW's latest video is something to be celebrated. It rips past the benchmarks for rage, roughness, pain, and muscle-mangling body contact Austin and Eli set in the original, which I called (with uncommon foresight) "the opening salvo of all-out war."

Strongly and intriguingly different in build and temperament, Eli and Austin seem ideally paired as mortal enemies. We last saw Tyler challenging Derrick Cole for the UCW championship, a title once held by Black, who'd now like it back. Austin Tyler is cool personified, so chill he pushes rageaholic Eli to apoplectic fits time and time again. In stark contrast to his outward serenity, Tyler works an opponent's body to maximize pain, always beyond what is called for and always to satisfy some deep-seeded urge, and nobody pushes Eli's particular buttons better than he.

As in run-in number one, Eli and Austin waste no time speechifying or namecalling. Whatever they have to say to each other is best said with knuckles and kneecaps and maybe teeth. If any two wrestlers on the roster seem destined for a steel cage match, Black and Tyler are my nominees, with Cole running a tight third. I see no reason to believe that Match 530 will settle the score with these two, though we do get a clean (cleanish) three-count finish that I felt in the hairs of my balls.

If any doubt remains whether UCW, which has been batting a thousand lately, is experiencing its "age of gold" now, Tyler vs Black 2 should put the question to rest.


  1. You're right, Joe. This match was a real stem-winder. Both were really pushed to their limits and made to hurt. And, like the first match, the match is super competitive, with the advantage going back & forth. I would pay to watch a new match between these two every day of the week. I hope they get to square off again and again. An oil match or other specialty matches could be great, too. There was a small tweak to the normal UCW match structure in this match up that I really approve of, and I would not mind if it became the norm going forward. Thanks, as always to UCW for putting out such great matches. Looking forward to Eli's rematch with Derrick, hopefully this time on the mat.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Joe and MikeySB that this is one intense match. I'd pay to see these guys wrestle more often. Huge personal intensity and rivalry between these two studs. Yeah, they should have a cage fight.
    Of the two, I like Eli Black the best, but both muscle punks are evenly matched and got plenty of hatred for each other. Makes for a fantastic match.
    Eli fighting Derrick again would be awesome.

  3. awesome match! i enjoy the intensity between the two, the difference in styles and the way they approach the match. not certain if the weight charts are correct but eli is giving up about 15lbs. enjoy his aggressive style and mma moves. however, i'm quickly becoming a fan of austin with his cool laid back approach which is deceiving as we saw him disable eli's arm in match one (love the shocked look on black's face as he tried to shake it off) and in match two austin worked on eli's leg relentlessly. black is a master at ucw but i can see austin skyrocketing to the top with his calculating attacks and thick muscled body. hope there is more to come between the two!


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