Scrappy vs Duke, Rough and Ready 98 (Thunder's Arena)

Duke looks like he just stepped out of a sword-and-sandal B-movie, circa 1962. At five-ten, 200, 22 years old, he's classic old-school bodybuilder with a striking profile and high hair. Scrappy's on hand to bust the guy's cherry in the wrestling world. Come to think of it, the new car smell is not off Scrappy yet either, having not clocked up even a full year at Thunder's Arena, but already he's a go-to guy for breaking in new hires.

There's nothing here you and I haven't seen before: flexing, smack talk, headlocks, and bodyslams. Novelty is not the point, anyway. It never is for fetishists, for whom wrestling is a ritual, "an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner" often performed in seclusion in a hallowed space. Such an act may comprise a number of gestures: scissors, chokes, cradles, and the like, with skintight wrestling trunks as sacred vestments.

Personality-wise, Scrappy carries the show. His hyper-expressive face, especially under duress, has been key to his success with fans (there are bulges to consider, as well). But Duke gives the kid plenty to grimace about. Naturally, flexing comes first, with the camera kneeling before muscle groups like stations of the cross. As I expected, Scrappy instigates the fight, but Duke takes command, crushing our boy in a rear bearhug before unceremoniously plonking him down to the mat.

The wrestlers deliver plenty of give and take, with Duke putting the hurt on Scrappy again and again. Scrappy's only hope is foul play, and it's unlikely that Scrappy will hold back on this point when push comes to shove.


  1. Awesome description of the match. Scrappy has always been one of my favorite wrestlers at Thunder's Arena as well as any wrestling video production. He was always the pretty boy at Thunder's Arena, but has turned into one amazingly hot muscle stud. The photo of Scrappy flexing his big bicep guns over Duke, or the photo where he lifts Duke like a sack of potatoes are so damn hot. I'd pay big bucks to wrestle Scrappy in a submission grappling match. Guess the same applies to Duke as he is one hot muscle stud. Both wrestlers are so sexy...and built.


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