My Gut Reaction

Spike vs Bolt, Mat Rats 82 (Thunder's Arena)

This is Spike's second match at Thunder's, but it's the first one I've seen. His hairy stomach is seeping into my subconscious even as I type these words. I pray it enters my dreams as well. Some guys like the smooth, wasp-waisted boys with eight-pack abs, and so do I. But Spike's bristly midsection is something I could write sonnets to. The man as a whole does the trick for me, especially as he slings Bolt around like a badger he's trying to skin. But the black fleece surrounding his navel is fast becoming a fixation.

The 19-minute match consists of more than hair, of course. Spike proves himself to be the muscle-master Bolt has always yearned for but just didn't realize it. Bolt tries to cajole the new hire out of his strong silent reserve, first by verbally pushing him to strike some bodybuilder poses, then by some good-natured shoving, in an attempt to get a rise out of him. Spike seems mildly amused by the likable talker. Clearly he doesn't mind being pushed into a friendly stretch of roughhouse, but once he kicks in, he kicks some serious Bolt-butt. He may not have much to say, but he sure knows how to play this little game for all it's worth. Guys like Spike want to crush some bone before flexing  for the camera lens.

The match gets even better as it goes. Sweat highlights Spike's forehead and upper torso, and the more he sweats, it seems like, the harder he comes down on Bolt. By the end, Bolt is squirming and jerking like an animal caught in a spring trap all the way to the moment Spike (kinda literally) bashes his brains out. Here's a match that's definitely going to get some replay at my house.


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