You Had Me at Six Foot Six Two Hundred Sixty Pounds

Viking vs Bolt, Rough & Ready 93 and Viking vs Blayne, Rough & Ready 94 (Thunder's Arena)


Mr. Mike knows how to spot a superstar. This new giant, Viking, fulfills my occasional need for the shivers. My knees are shaking. My fight or flight response halts between the two options. Viking is gorgeous in a lumberjack meets Atlas sort of way, another intimidating factor since beauty, like fear, strikes me with a paralyzing force.

Both these matches are similar, basically mirror images of each other, in fact. You have your choice of flavors, though: Bolt (5'7", 150#) or Blayne (5'9", 165#). Given the body mass differences between Viking and his two fetching challengers, there's no mystery how these battles eventually pan out. The narrative arcs strongly resemble each other, with the first half devoted to comic horsing around and the second, to Viking's legitimate prowess as a strongman wrestler.

Viking himself as a physical presence is the foremost predictor of whether you'd want these videos. If statuesque Nordic muscle-gods are not your particular thing, your decision may already be made. The rest of us have to chose between Blayne or Bolt. With some extra change in my pocket a few days ago, I opted for both. I don't regret a penny of it even though they cost me the equivalent of a steak and three cocktail dinner in a nice restaurant. Sure, it was like buying two of the same thing, but when the thing makes you happy, who wouldn't want two?

Given his dimensions, Viking may find it difficult to find competition, though his chances are better at the Arena than anywhere but mainstream promotions. I'd spend money to see Maveric take a crack at him. Other worthy contenders include Mark Muscle, Brute, Tanked, Vinny, and Brian Cage, and it would be a goddamn waste if Viking never takes part in the Ring Wars series. I loved both matches against Bolt and Blayne, but I have to admit I feel that I still haven't seen Viking's full potential as a wrestler. Still, the star power would be there even if Thunder's only videotaped him painting in watercolors. He, all on his own, is a sight to see! Blayne and Bolt are just the frosting, but, oh, what frosting!

Note: Viking vs Bolt lasts 21 minutes. Viking vs Blayne lasts 19.


  1. You cannot beat Thunders Arena for muscle studs on the mats. They have some of the biggest and toughest muscle wrestlers of any wrestling video production company. The overwhelming massive size of Viking makes for an uneven muscle match. I'd like to see Bolt fight Blayne.

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