Hot Damn!

Marco vs Duke, Mat Rats 83 (Thunder's Arena)

I bought this video because of Marco, but I'll be returning to it often because of the wrestling. Marco's a draw all on his own. I'd be tempted to buy a video of Marco making origami swans so long as there was an occasional shot of nipple and thigh. I'm far less acquainted with Duke, but with this match I'm beginning to get interested in the guy.

The first half of MR83 is a gripping display of aggression and tight, shivers-generating body contact. I'd almost believe Marco and Duke have a score to settle. After a tit-for-tat beginning, the rookie becomes Marco's wrestling dummy. Then, Duke charges up, and the grappling intensifies by several grades. After that, the vehemence of the fight comes and goes, but the litany of wrestling holds and ball-grabbing is steady to the end.


  1. Marco always looks good dominating other muscle dudes.

    1. Yeah, Marco is amazing, although I'd like to get Duke on the mats and work him over for an hour or so of submission grappling.


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