Scrappy vs Bolt, Custom Video Series 51 (Thunder's Arena)

Intriguing pop-art camera shots plus the prettiest posing and tests of strength known to man equals the latest video from Scrappy and Bolt. Don't expect anything resembling wrestling before the nine-minute mark, and, even then, resembling is the operative word: instead, Bolt and Scrappy exchange a series of wrestling holds, keeping everything frisky and light with frequent rest stops for more posing.

A 22-minute custom video now available for download, this Scrappy vs Bolt brims with youthful zest and prankish cruelties, but nothing in the way of actual athletic competition or fight drama. Honestly, I do not mind so much (it is what it is) and I snatched up this cupcake fully expecting no satisfaction for my cravings for grunt'n'groan wrestling, thankful for the tidbits of faux-combat.

Scrappy's mesmerizing beauty holds center stage--with Bolt as a sexy foil. Scrappy has the kind of physical charm that grabs hold of my gaze and won't let go. Bolt plays off him splendidly, clearly in control 80-90 percent of the time, taking every opportunity to thrust Scrappy's stretched-taut physique towards the camera. Lip-smacking eye candy, teasing my libido's craving for rough, is somebody else's fantasy, not mine, but with Bolt and Scrappy at the helm, I couldn't resist a peek.


  1. Love their cocky grins when they were in control.


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