Some Disassembly Required

Calvin Haynes vs Nino Leone and Tino Valencia vs Skip Vance, Catch Weight 8 (BG East)

In the first (pictures above), Nino Leone lures Calvin Haynes into a fight the smaller guy is almost certain to lose, yet the overarching sense is that Nino is the one most in charge, not only in forcing Calvin to flex for the camera but also in practically stage-managing his own smoochy comeuppance. The contest accentuates the eroticism of wrestling and proves it's fun to pick a fight you can't win against a hot muscle-daddy you're aching to get close to.

The second match (pictures below) pits Skip Vance against the drolly sadistic Tino Valencia. It's just as erotic as Haynes vs Leone, actually (for me) more so because more pain-centered, thanks to Skip's realistic expressions of physical trauma and Valencia's air of self-assured menace. Hats-off to Skip for convincing me that he's in actual death throes practically the whole way--one of the finest bits of "selling" I've seen in a while--and to Tino for his vigilant and untiring dissection of Skip.


  1. The Skip Vance match must be an older match. Skip's abs haven't been seen in a couple of years. Any idea why KL releases matches out of order?

  2. Calvin is also known as Steve Tanner on :)

  3. Why the link to Arena rather than the Catch Weight 8 page?

    1. Right now the only Catch Weight 8 page I can find is on The Arena @BGEAST. I will try to remember to change the link when the DVD is released (soon, I would think).

  4. That kiss after an excruciating match is really hot!


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