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On the heels of Chris Cannon's shoutout to me last weekend, a message from dreamboat-next-door Justin Powers, a personal favorite, for all us new MuscleBoy fans:
Hey, what's up, guys! Justin Powers here, shooting for MuscleBoyWrestling.com. Go ahead and take a look, and this one's gonna be a lot sexier from what you've seen in the past with me. We got some sexy guys on scene. Hope you enjoy. Okay, check it out.
I apologize for not sharing the m4v, just the screenshots above. It's much better in motion as Justin teases down the front of his waistband, pleasuring-tormenting us with a glimpse of things to come.

Along those lines, Rocco, MuscleBoy's boss, also tells me Catalog 3 should be out in about four weeks, featuring our man Justin along with Ethan Slade in an "erotic beatdown." Something to live for.


  1. And we just signed Justin Powers to an exclusive contract! Our site is down for some upgrades until mid-next week, we are working hard on it and we will have it back up asap folks. Thanks All.

    1. Any updates? The site is still down.

  2. Justin Powers looks awesome. Cannot wait to watch him in action. Looks like he might be a jobber, but he has a sadistic look in his eyes that might reveal him as the ultimate heel.

  3. Every time I go to the Muscleboy site, I get a message saying, "Attention! Website is under maintenance now. Video downloading and DVD ordering are temporary not available!" What's up?

  4. Site has been back up for a while now guys and Catalog 3 with 14 new matches have been released. Check them out!!


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