Bart 3

Steel vs Bart, Vegas Battles 21 (Thunder's Arena)

The new may have just about worn off the sight of Bart wrestling at Thunder's Arena, yet I could not resist this one. It's a neat little outdoors match (in Las Vegas) that pits Steel's billowing muscle (it's getting surreal, man, seriously) against Bart's pro-ring training, engaging affability, and power buns.

It's a stiffer match than Bart's previous two matches against Scrappy and Finn McCool--and by stiff I mean unwieldy, not engorged or punishing. Throw in some scale-model skyscrapers, and Steel and Bart could be kaiju, cumbersomely attacking each other while leveling Japan.

Bart's sunny, unaffected personality carries the video for the most part. He knows his stuff, wrestling-wise, but Steel's body is a navigational challenge for him. Less so for the camera, which, every now and then, shoves our faces into Steel's rock-hard pecs and traps (in no way a complaint, I hasten to add).

The match ends suddenly, comically. The ending is a flub, but it works--titles inform us that the guys could not stop laughing so the match could proceed no further. The premature finish might have been disappointing (or perhaps more hilarious) if the preceding 17 minutes had built some dramatic momentum. But from the beginning, the tone is unserious.

Instead, I would classify VB21 as one of Thunder's Arena's AMG-style lighthearted frolics--not the most riveting fight drama, but yards of eye candy and infectiously high spirits. (And, yeah, Bart is absolutely swoon-worthy.)


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