Choked Out Seven Times

Marco vs Bolt, Custom Video Series 52 (Thunder's Arena)

This is a custom-made video that's right up my alley: Marco chokes Bolt out seven times. Other moves and holds make cameo appearances, too, but the focus is Marco's expert and dispassionate knocking out of Bolt's lights at seven key moments in 31 minutes, twice in succession at the end. Each one is a thing of beauty. Both these guys are ridiculously hot right now. CVS52 is their fifth match together: once as tag partners, four times as adversaries. Marco is, in my opinion, the center and epitome of everything Thunder's Arena is supposed to be.

I've never ordered a custom match ... anywhere ... but this is exactly what I wanted without realizing it. I can think of only one other match I might request custom-built: the one Marco asked for a couple of years ago--a shoot match against flash-in-the-pan Skyler. Back then, Marco hated the guy for what he did to Frey. Marco begged Mr. Mike to let him clean Skyler's clock on camera, and sicko that I am, I would love to see that fight. I respect Mr. Mike's civil and sensible decision not to approve it--truly a shoot match between sworn enemies is out of bounds ... and against the law ... but potentially molto hot, too.


  1. This match looks amazing. Just reading your recap makes me horny as hell. Hope they'll make another similar video where Marco gets chocked out multiple times.

  2. Want to wrestle either one of these muscle studs. Like a submission grappling match with body striking to work over Bolt or Marco. Scrappy is still my favorite at Thunder's Arena.


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