Justin Powers vs Ethan Slade, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

First you wrestle, locking body to body. Then you tease a little, putting your lips closer to his than the hold you have on him requires. You get rough. You hurt him and then kiss the place that hurts. You tantalize, locking your gaze to his, letting the gaze draw your bodies together. You twist his arm till he makes a noise that rises from the core. You punch him in the abs, then stifle his moan with your lips on his mouth. You work up a lubricating sweat. You pull his hair just to feel his body squirm and tremble under yours. You dominate to show your power to protect him should the time ever come that he needs you to stand at his side. You dominate to merge together.

It's not just wrestling, it's erotic wrestling. Bringing together Eros and Ares, the gods of erotic desire and rage, is as ancient as the first recorded story, the Sumerian romance of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, who wrestled and formed a bond till death did them part. Here is my kink in a nutshell. The closest I got to this scenario in life was wrestling a boyfriend, impromptu play-fighting that then subsided to noncompetitive fucking. For three years, ours was a relationship as playfully combative as it was playfully romantic. But in retrospect our playtime served a serious purpose. This is what MuscleBoy Wrestling portrays perfectly or as perfectly as I could imagine (so perfect it makes my heart ache a little).

In Catalog 3, released on Friday, MuscleBoy pushes erotic wrestling up a notch in Powers vs. Slade, making it, as I see it, more than horseplay but also a passage to shared respect and trust. After all, S/M on all levels is an exercise in trust-building. The first half of the 38-minute video is pretty much as sketched above: an interlacing of domination and flirtation. I've left out some details, but you get the gist. The second half sees physical union--frottage, fellatio, and mutual masturbation--absorbing the chain of command as former antagonists arrive at a mutual understanding of themselves and each other. The poet Walt Whitman called male bonding adhesive love. So let's say that erotic wrestling is the glue that brings two bodies and spirits together by dissolving their inhibitions and, to some extent, their prejudices on the subject of masculinity. Every now and then, Justin and Ethan's lovemaking at the end of the video mirrors the moves and positions of the grappling that preceded--with the once distinct roles blurring in the process. In the final minutes, domination and submission seem as interchangeable and reciprocal as kissing and being kissed.


  1. Glad to know Catalog 3 is out. I love their highly erotic matches, and Ethan is certainly one of their prettiest jobber boys.

    1. Definitely agree that Ethan is one of the prettiest jobber boys ever to hit the mats. Want to watch more matches with Ethan's sexy body being worked over on the mats.

  2. Thanks guys, Cat 3 is definitely one of our best. A truly great batch of hot matches!

  3. Remember folks the web address for all these hot muscle boy matches is:


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