Fang Shui

Beast vs Fang, Mat Rats 84; Slash vs Fang, No Holds Barred 84; and Marco vs Fang, No Holds Barred 86 (Thunder's Arena)

I checked out new hire Fang this week, and I'm very very impressed. He gets the customary initiation, which means we get to see how well the man suffers--and he's a pro, with an A-level grimace and a resilient Stretch Armstrong physique. The gear shrinks and the punishment intensifies with each successive trial--pro-warrior Beast breaks him in (note to Mr. Mike: I'd love to see Fang as Beast's cub partner in an in-ring tag event), returning veteran Slash goes for his crotch (somebody had to), and my man Marco all but finishes him off with a barrage of body punches, piledrivers, and sleeperholds. We get to see Fang push back in the first two matches, and he's a credible and resourceful scrapper. I'm not surprised that Marco doesn't give him an inch in what is a 100% squash job. Marco gives nobody an inch if he can help it.

I feel an affinity for Fang because I, too, am a University of Miami man. (He has the logo tattooed in garnet and gold across his shoulders.) I graduated before he was born so we would have no memories to share, but an alma mater in common is a substantive bond. According to the Thunder's web site, Fang is wrestling to earn money for college--so now I feel better about missing the sale and paying full price for the downloads. At 5'11" and 175#, the Florida boy has the build of a fitness coach. I find his Mennonite-meets-Camorra stylings intriguing and attractive, and in my youth his would have been the kind of body I'd want to test myself against. He's a good sport, too, and carries himself with a grace that would befit a babyface hero, should that be the direction he'd like to take. I'd like to see him in charge in upcoming matches. Fang giving Blayne a whipping would be nice to watch, but a long,  grueling give and take against somebody like Finn McCool would be a surefire wet dream.


  1. I would have to agree a match with Blayne being a jobber aganist Fang would be interesting to watch. And as long is Blayne is put in a few Full Nelsons I be happy

  2. Another muscle stud for the stables of Thunder's Arena. They always recruit the beefiest and most muscular wrestlers. Marco looks awesome as usual. Like to see Fang fight Blayne. Definitely like to watch Fang wrestle Scrappy, who is my favorite wrestler at Thunder's Arena.


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