Atom Bomb

Dev Michaels vs Trey Dixon, Demolition 22 (BG East)

Dev Michaels' body is an atom bomb. Nobody else on the current BG East roster is, on physical presentation alone, as intimidating as Dev, perhaps nobody else in underground wrestling. Even at his nicest, Dev would inspire a fight-or-flight response. Guido Genatto may be slightly meaner, but he's funny-mean. Dev is no laughing matter. Seeing his Vulcan-like physique in the opposite corner must turn most challengers' knees and ankles to jelly. If Trey Dixon were to hightail it out of the  ring, I would not blame the man one bit.

Dev dismisses Trey as a mere distraction before a serious challenger becomes available. If Trey actually volunteered to get in the ring with this guy, he gets 28 harrowing minutes to regret that decision, each second hurting like a motherfucker. At first he's cautiously chatty, as if trying to "make nice" with the brute. Dev responds in the calm, even tone of a family physician while immediately subjecting Dixon to a series of gut- and spine-busting assaults, under the pretense of giving Trey a taste of pro wrestling. It takes Trey a little too long to realize he's under attack. By the time he acknowledges the truth of his situation, he's already three-quarters demolished.

Fans of squash jobs should eat this match up. I'm not crazy about one-sided fights, but even I am impressed with Michaels' style and thoroughgoing attention to the body's pressure points. If his manner is in many ways disarmingly low key, his knee and elbow drops are over the top. Dev's pace is slower, steadier than I've come to expect of heels--yet the dramatic effect is astounding: Godzilla may plod his way through Japan, but once he steps on you, you're squashed through and through. The fact that Dev is in no hurry to rip Trey to shreds is actually more terrifying, not less.

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  1. LOVE Dev. His one-sided fight against Kid Karisma is still one of my favorites.

    1. That is one of my all-time favorites too -

  2. Young rookie seeks out toughening from a mature stud. He sure didn't expect Dev Michaels. Love the first pic; Stud and rookie have already had words; Michaels prances the canvas while concentrating on the rookie's pain, while the rookie writhes under foot -- to both men's wishes. The rookie's first punishment ever -- and didn't Dev teach him one hell of a lesson.

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