Having a Hard Time with Nick Flex

Nick Flex vs Taylor Reign, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I'm immune to the effects of most erotic wrestling--too simpering, too coquettish, too superficial. I usually get more bang from honest no-frills brawling. That situation is changing, thanks to MuscleBoy Wrestling. MuscleBoy speaks to the S/M romantic in me. It doesn't rely on a lot of innuendo. It's rough and rude, mean and sweaty. It reminds me of 20th-century underground wrestlers like Kid Vicious and Doug Brandon and the sometimes brilliant (though pricey) matches of the Black Wrestling Network. Though markedly different in their approaches, Nick Flex and Justin Powers are the masters of this form at MBW, with Nick holding a slight edge over Justin after this match with pretty Taylor Reign.

Taylor is having a (good) hard time with Nick in this gem from Catalog 3. Nick is turning him every which way but loose and copping plenty of good feels along the way. Commanding, severe, but closely attentive, he breaks Taylor in as if the white boy were a young bronc. (The scene in Avatar when Jake Sully subdues, bonds with, and rides an ikran or mountain banshee turned me so on that it has become my model of what erotic wrestling ought to be.) The screen shots above illustrate Flex's calm, methodical, and strong approach to taming the headstrong and bulgy rookie. Taylor offers more than token resistance, but Nick is too powerful for him. Nick literally bends him to his will. He breaks into a sweat breaking the kid in, ultimately exhausting himself but at last reining Taylor in.

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  1. I don't usually go for erotic wrestling myself, but this video has the perfect balance of eroticism and wrestling. Taylor looks super hot in those metallic trunks and boots. Perfect babyface gear.

  2. Taylor has become quite a GREAT heel too, watch him destroy Logan Cross in the ring and go toe to toe vs indy fed great Travis Bennett from catalog's 1 and 2. Taylor is pretty but #taylorcanwrestle ;)

    1. I just saw Taylor's match with Travis Bennett. Great technical skills shown by Travis and Taylor kept up pretty well.
      I love Travis' look and he looked super cute in his orange gear. I hope we more of him, especially if he's crushed by some bigger guys ; ).

  3. I love erotic wrestling as long as the models know how to sell moves. like W.R. I don't like matches where two muscle dudes just roll around the whole time, but that certainly is'nt the case with this fight.


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