Coleman Free vs Austin Tyler, Match 560 - Chloroform Match (UCW)

I'm informed that, unlike the Hollywood movies I've seen, it takes a good five minutes for a chloroform-soaked rag to knock a grown man out - and slowly fading while nakedly thrashing against an assailant's equally bare flesh sounds like fun to me. As I see it, a chloroform match is like a series of choke-outs, only longer and chemically induced.

For 30 minutes I can force myself to watch tan bodies squirming and pressing together. I'm easily amused. It helps that Coleman and Austin are fun together and interesting to observe - and things do happen other than the clutching of a rag to a victim's nose and mouth. There are moments of suspense, but though prolonged, the struggle is a more-or-less direct nonstop flight to exactly the outcome I was expecting. Surprise isn't everything. Sometimes it's enough to kick back and watch some tan-on-tan wriggling.

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  1. This is a hot match for those of us who like to see a gorgeous jobber in hot trunks..laid out flat and out cold on the mat and punished at the same time.....major league turn on ....anyone who punishes abs while the guy is already out and then uses the old "pull up at two count' is a great heel.

  2. This is the hottest chloroform wrestling video I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of them. Thanks for making such an authentic, hot video!


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