Sam Reddy has a full foot (30.48cm) and 68 pounds (30.84kg) on Kurtis Rivers. Having seen Kurtis wrestle, I'd call that about even. Having seen Sam wrestle, I'm worried for Kurtis. I'm tall by most standards, yet I'm closer to Kurtis's 5'7" than to Sam's 6'7". The stretches in this two-fall submission fight are agonizing and hypnotizing. They remind me, like all authentic wrestling when it's done right, of videos depicting territorial struggles in the wild. For nearly 20 minutes, Sam dominates, engulfs, wrings, and strains Kurtis's body, and Kurtis uses every scrap of his extensive training in sub holds to survive and counter.

Word is that Rivers is one of the best scrappers at Movimus, possibly THE best, given his training, experience, and instinctive caginess.  But I'm telling you Reddy truly knows his stuff too. He's not the gawky giant of most David-vs-Goliath matches. He's got the moves, flexibility, and the height to bend and tug Kurtis any which way he wants to. He may well be Rivers' toughest competition to date, and I can't argue with Movimus's claim that "[t]his turns out to be one of the very best matches we have ever filmed at Movimus."

I have often thought I wouldn't need a TV or internet for home entertainment if I had a mat room and a constant stream of skilled and relentless wrestlers on hand. Til that day, this match on replay will have to suffice. This sort of thing requires no setup, no smack talk, no colorful entrances, and no commentary. I suspect that a little bit more showmanship couldn't hurt it either, but I appreciate the neatness of a simple formula of earnest wrestlers in tee-tiny trunks, a mat, and available light.

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  1. A mat room and constant stream of skilled and relentless wrestlers. You just described heaven.

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