Chase Michaels and Miles and Axel and Austin Tyler, Match 603: Tag Team Match (UCW)

The new tag team match had not even dropped before Axel was on his Vlog complaining that the whole thing was rigged, Axel pins the blame on new ref Trevor and fires him straightaway - a privilege of running your own wrestling company, I guess. He goes so far as not only to personally challenge the ex-ref to put his trunks on for a followup match but also to challenge him on Austin's behalf to yet another fight. So I guess we know how this one turns out. The question is whether this is a matter of sour grapes or righteous indignation. Another question might be how long we can expect this feud to last.

There's no question that there's dirty dealings aplenty in Match 603. It's the UCW way, as we all know. Chase and newcomer Miles are not noted for their sportsmanship and clean conduct, and they chuck all claims to fair play in the interest of giving Austin and Axel a good drubbing. But do they cross a line? Good question. Austin and Axel's record is not exactly spotless, but these wrestlers have also proved themselves capable of fighting fair and square on numerous other occasions. Chase and Miles have bad reputations without the sort of extenuating circumstances that might draw on our sympathies, and if somehow Trevor is complicit in their wrongdoings, a supersized order of comeuppance may be on its way - and I expect it will be mouthwatering.

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