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Aryx Quinn vs Mike Beauxregard, Boston Clash 4 (Wrestlingmale)

I'm late to the party. Boston Clash 4  was released in April, but I got around to downloading it just last week. There should be no mystery what the draw is. Aryx Quinn is a phenomenon, juggling sex appeal and combat sports even at underground promotions that don't usually mix the two. This is a 30-minute iron man match in oil, meaning the winner is the man who gains the most falls within the designated time limit, plus two added elements: oil and nudity.

Wrestlingmale records the match in a combination of medium shots depicting the wrestlers' holds and positions and ultra-tight closeups capturing the emotions and punitive details. The closeups are particularly worth paying attention to because of the unique challenges of shooting a fight on an oily tarp (and in a ring). The downside is the loss of continuity Wrestlingmale achieves in matches shot in a single long take, as in Aryx's more recent match against Stefan - Boston Clash 6. The closeups here  are well worth the trade-off, however.

Aryx and Mike trade physical and verbal abuses, with Aryx managing to be both funny and smoking hot at the same time. Mike is an A+ punisher, ensuring the high levels of pain needed to sustain Aryx's O-face. Aryx is no slouch as an aggressor, too. Due to the oil, I suspect, wrestling holds are somewhat limited but well performed - lockups, scissors, schoolboy pins, crab holds, headlocks, ab stretches, back-breakers, claws, hugs, and the occasional tough-guy kiss. A precarious fireman's carry also finds its way into the mix, and the fighters deliver some rope-work and well-aimed turnbuckle thrusts, too.

This match is a major turn-on. Underground wrestling owes Aryx a debt of gratitude for raising the hotness level of any match he's booked for, and this one is no exception.

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  1. Great write up, I especially appreciate the focus on Wrestlingmale's unique camerawork. I remember being a tad disappointed at missing out on the greater context of certain moves during the close ups, but the sheer detail and emotion on display in undeniably hot. Aryx's one of my dream heels to pit against all of my favs, and Beauxregard took my breath away ever since I first saw him in BGEast. He's nothing short of a total dominator, yet the way he sells his frequent stretches of suffering are jaw dropping.

  2. I bought this match because 'Aryx' is my favorite wrestler and his matches are never let me down. but honestly... Their camera work is very disappointing. It's very distracting. They seem to have no idea what viewers(especially 'gay' wrestling fans) want to see. I thought it was because it was a new company, but I can't find any improvement.

  3. Thanks very much for your great blog with high qualitative description:) Thanks for the comments too ! Aryx and Mike are great professional fighters and actors! Trashtalk, oiled muscles and techniques in the ring !! Enjoy!! We keep working to offer you the best entertainment in porn and wrestling scene!


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