Whaddya Got?

The ref has his hands full in this furious championship challenge with Derrick, former champ and coincidentally ref of the present champion's first title defense last month, stepping into the ring against Tyson the UCW Champion. Derrick's never an easy man to handle in the ring. There are no limits to the damages he's willing to inflict and endure even when the stakes are not as high as they are here. As the current belt-holder, Tyson has proved himself ready to step into the ring with anyone who wants a piece of him, and even before winning the company's top spot from Angel Estrada, he went toe to toe with UCW's most nefarious bad boys.

Derrick and Tyson faced off three years ago in the hallowed cinder-block space in a match that
proved both men were happily the pain junkies that UCW tends to attract. That much has not changed. This battle is as vicious as either has fought, and the fighters seem to bear a special animus towards each other. The recklessness of the manhandling and the lengths to which either will go to hurt his opponent raises this event above the Champ's previous two matches, which were far from sedate but may appear so in contrast to this one.

The 30-minute battle reaches its peak in the final two minutes, when Wolf Boy interferes, raising the pitch of the fight to a level that will please even the most rage-oholic wrestling fan. The intrusion no doubt affects the outcome. What motivates it - since, as of yet, Wolf Boy has had no dealings with either Tyson or Derrick - remains to be seen in, I hope, a future contest.

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  1. Wolfboy interferes, eh? There's a wonderfully charming naivete about UCW that makes it almost like a backyard wrestling league. had been thinking of buying this match because Tyson, whom I find a powerful turn-on,but hesitating because Derrick Cole, whom I find boring. Now I think buy is right.

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