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Krush vs Blaze, Choke or Croak 2 (Kruschco)

Krushco fans voted for the wrestler they wanted Krush to fight next and partially paid for the shoot through crowdfunding. Blaze was the man they picked, and Krush admits he hadn't braced himself for the kind of fight the new challenger put up. The rules are three falls out of five, by knockout or submission, similar to Krush's bout with Donald Jay last spring.

Blaze's superbly chiseled 6', 195# physique catches my eye first. It doesn't take long, though, to see how well matched the fighters are. Krush's grappling chops are, of course, renowned far and wide, so Blaze knows what he's getting into, up front. There's nothing "cute" about Krush's matches. They are pure grunt and groan spectacle, no punches pulled, and Blaze is prepared for the ordeal. The fight's authenticity does not, however, stop it from being sexy as fuck. Just the opposite, in my opinion.

The match starts with the two already locked in tight, collar and elbow. They shift position, chest to chest, thumbs at each other's throat, attempting as brutal a victory as possible. If the struggle is not exactly "life or death," it comes as close to it as the law will allow. Blaze makes a heroic grab for top spot, but Krush reverses, bearing down on the new guy with all his might. The strenuous give and take mounts over five minutes until Krush gains the first fall by choking the Michigander out, the taut torso and bulgy crotch thrust beguilingly towards the camera.

Both heavyweights get knocked clean out at least once during the 27-minute video, and by the end one is undisputed victor over the other. My dick had gotten too used to watching pretty boys wagging their tails at each other, so a half hour of Krush and Blaze slamming down on each other was a sweet wake-up call to my groin.

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